Sunday, January 17, 2010

car seat

Logan has never been a big fan of her car seat. She usually screams like a mad woman when we put her in it (she is actually getting better).We have checked everything, nothing is hurting her. Not sure if she doesn’t like being backwards or what it is. My gut instinct tells me the only problem that she has with her car seat is that she is not being held. Usually after a few seconds, she calms down, after she realizes she’s strapped in for good!

Babies are supposed to be rear-facing as long as possible. Most infant seats rear face up to 20 pounds. It is best if they can rear-face until the age of two. There are even some convertible seats that rear face (up until a certain weight) now. I said all that to say….poor Logan, she hates her seat. And lucky for her, we purchased a rear-facing infant seat that goes up to 30 pounds!! She will be going to Kindergarten riding backwards! My little darling will be in her rear-facing infant seat for quite some time. O well, she will be safe. Read this article for more information about car seat safety for children.

Look at how Logan has changed - in her car seat :-)

These pictures are of  Logan taking her "car seat test" at the hospital. She had to sit in her seat for an hour with no apnea/bradys/destats in order to be discharged. She was about 5 pounds.

taken at one and a half months

taken at nine months

All of the pictures were taken in the same seat. Notice the headrest is gone in the last one. Can you see the yellow label in the first two pictures compared to the last picture. The particular brand infant seat we purchased was one of only a few that actually fit preemie babies. The straps are now on the highest setting, the headrest is gone, and the bottom rest is about to come out - look how far she has come. I am glad my baby will be safe for a long time in her seat - little peanut.

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