Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new toys

We went to Target today (surprise!). While there, Logan got some cool stuff. She loves to shop. Really, she does. Look what she got.

Look what she did next...

She surprises me everyday.

We purchased these blocks upon recommendation of the occupational therapist. She gave us several exercises to do with them. Logan is supposed to be exploring new textures, and develop her fine motor skills. With the block, she is to "bang, bang, bang!" Also, she is to bang them togeher. Today, we just explored with them. She explored with her mouth mostly. We are also supposed to attempt PlayDoh.  PlayDoh with a 10month old?? I'm looking forward to that.

Logan also got a swing! She LOVES it! She stayed outside (her favorite place) for about 30 minutes swinging.

That is her new face. It is hysterical. She scrunches up her face, squints her eyes, pokes those lips out, and sniffs. It gets me every time.

On a serious note, would everyone please remember my husband's family in prayer. His father, Brian, will be discharged home at the end of this month. While we are excited he will be in his own environment, a lot goes into this. Also, Pop (Cody's grandfather) was recently admitted into a nursing home due to Alzheimer's Disease. This has been a difficult transition. While saying your prayers, remember them please.

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  1. That is great news about Cody's dad, I will be praying for then in this transition and the transition of his Pop to the nursing home. Logan is so precious I love that face!