Saturday, January 9, 2010


It snowed in Georgia! Yes, we all wen't to the store for bread and milk (and formula!). This is what we can do on 1/8" (possibly 1/16") of snow! Break out the sled boys!

It was a day filled with snow and ice

Cody and Dave thought playing outside would be nice.

"Go ahead old man, I will not push you..." says Cody
"Come on Cody, do I have too?" asked Dave

"Too late now old man
Your flying like Peter Pan dressed in black and tan!"

"Just kidding PeePaw
You cruised down the hill without flaw."

For now it's Cody's turn
and he goes up the hill without concern

He returns down the hill safe and sound,
 and they walk back to the house on slushy ground.

It was a cold day filled with fun
little do they know, the fun has just begun!

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