Friday, January 29, 2010

mama da ma dada ma

Update: Just so you know - Logan slept all night!!!

That is the sounds Cody and I are currently listening too - from Logan. Crying in her crib. Sounds horrible doesn't it? We both have been in her room, rocked her, held her, cuddled her. Nothing is wrong with her. She is not deprived of attention, nor is she sick - checked that yesterday. She is simply wanting us to come get her, rescue her from her horrible crib. We are going to attempt to do a modified version of "cry-it-out." It's horrible. I think it is strange that we are having to do "sleep training" at almost 11 months old. Logan has always been a perfect sleeper, she trained herself to sleep through the night from about 3 months on. Maybe by the time I finish doing this post she will be asleep.....this may be a long post.

She's quiet right now...

Tomorrow is the big day for Cody's dad! He will be coming home in the morning - I know he is so excited. This has been such a long road for him, and everyone. A couple of months ago, we did not know if this would ever be a possibility. I know he will be relieved to be in his own environment, surrounded by his own things. He will not know what to do without a roomate. she's still quiet. could she really be asleep? We wen't today and got his bed/room all set up. We are anxious to have him at home so he can watch Logan play!

She is asleep. Wow - that wasn't as bad as I expected. About 15 minutes. Anyone with experience with seperation anxiety - tips, hints?

We are off to watch SwampLoggers - (however that's spelled or written). I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. It is our Friday night TV show. We are so exciting.

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