Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ut o...

I smell trouble.
Think it may be time for a gate.

She climbed all the way up them - and did great.
She is growing up way too fast.
And I love her jammies. Green and polka dot work well for her.

We went to speech therapy this morning. Her therapist was really impressed with how she is drinking from a straw - and that she was eating a wide variety of foods. She will get another speech evaluation in three weeks, to see where she stands as far as speech/communication. Trust me, when she swats your hand away when she wants something else, she is communicating pretty well in my book.


  1. Aww love the Jammies! Felicity absolutely loves climbing our stairs, thankfully we have a door at the bottom so I did not have to buy a gate.

    We will be in Valdosta GA the March 31st-April 4th.

  2. Oh man! Would have loved it if you could have been a second shooter with me!!

  3. How funny... Sadie communicates VERY well too...just not always as verbal as she should be!

    Gate time!

  4. I'm excited for her speech evals. Let me know if you need any professional interpretation when they give you the report! Dorky, I know, but I love what I do. I think Logan is great, just oh, by the way. :) My professional judgement is that she's a star!

  5. She IS adorable!! I love the baby suit, i love dressing my girls in spots and they have dresses similar to this.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Logan is lovely!