Monday, March 8, 2010


Sorry for the lack of post - Logan is sick once again. A day after she stopped throwing up, she developed a nasty cough. We waited all weekend to see if it would clear, you know, "let it run its course..." it didn't. Last night she developed a fever and I took her to the immediate care. She received a breathing treatment, and they also said she had an ear infection. So, they gave me a prescription for an antiobiotic, and an inhaler. Guess how many 24hr pharmacy's we have? Ummm......2. I stopped at one that was on the way home, it was an hour wait. Smart me, thought surely the other one wouldn't be as long. Wrong, 2 hour wait. I took Logan and my mom home, and made an attempt at putting her to bed, but she had no part of it - overtired, hurting, etc...I was so glad she was still awake when I came back so she could have her first round of antiobiotic. She coughed all night.

We followed up with the pediatrician this morning, come to find out, she does not have an ear infection. What? I mean, either she does or she doesn't. She said she didn't. She has fluid behind her ears, but it's not infected. Great - I rushed around last night, waited 2 hours for a perscription she didn't even need. AND...she has RSV. Holy Cow - yes, the dreaded respiratory virus. This is especially dreaded in a preemie. I am assuming she picked it up at the hospital last weekend when we were there, it's the only thing I can think of. I am hoping and praying for a quick recovery for Logan. She is so miserable. Not eating much, not sleeping much, and HATES (yes, it deserves to be in capital letters) the breathing treatments. It is not fun.

We cancelled physical therapy this morning, this is the second session we have missed. She is not up to being tugged on and having her body manipulated in different ways, not this morning. We are supposed to have speech Wednesday, we will see how she feels.

Here is a picture from this weekend - she's such a doll, even when she doesn't feel well.


  1. Ugggh sounds like our January, hoping Logan feels better soon!

  2. I'm so sorry Logan is sick. I'm praying for her and for ya'll. Love you