Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just a Wednesday -

We had a quiet family day today. Cody was home. Logan always likes it when her Daddy is home, double the attention! After she napped this morning, we went to Wal-Mart (I really do love Target, but Wal-Mart's groceries are a ton cheaper...) and loaded up on stuff. After we shopped, we met Nanny (Logan's great-grandmother) to eat for lunch. Logan was exhausted when we got home and took a good afternoon nap. While she napped, we cleaned!!! It was nice to get everything back together. That period of sickness seemed to throw everything off, our house was a disaster! Not anymore - we are squeaky clean - ahh, much better! Tonight, we made dinner for my parents and Nanny. We had trash bag tacos - so much fun! We first had them at a friend's house, and enjoyed it so much we decided it would be fun to do them tonight. I should have taken pictures, sorry.

Hope everyone had a good day :-)

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