Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Girl Stats :-)

I gave Logan possibly the most horrible present there is - three shots. Although I believe in vaccinations, it is no fun to watch your baby get shots. Her 12 month check-up just so happened to be on her actual birthday - no fun! She did great though, always does. And her real birthday present was obviously not the shots, I'll tell you more about it tomorrow! And maybe some party pictures tomorrow too!!

*weight: 15 pounds, 1oz. (<5%)
*height: 27 1/4 inches (5%)
*clothing size 3-6 months
*no teeth yet!
*no crawling
*pulling up on everything!!
*jabbering all sorts of sounds, but no words yet
*drinking three bottles a day (about 12-15oz. of formula)
*eats table food - and loves it!
*still loves avocado & butternut squash
*loves to be held
*up to date on all vaccines
*smiles pretty much all day
*great sleeper - sleeps 11-12 hours a night!
*sucks her thumb like it's going to go away
*has silly faces that she will make on command
*waves bye-bye

She is a little peanut! Her weight is an obvious concern...but we are on a mission to pack some pounds!! We got the go ahead to introduce milk products, but not to transition to whole milk. Logan needs the extra calories and nutrients that is in formula. We will also be giving her (in a sippy cup -hopefully, small amounts) of whole milk mixed with Pediasure. We are hoping that it will add flavor, as well as calories to the milk, making the transition (when we do) a bit easier and she will still be getting extra calories. Sounds good, right? She is drinking Gatorade (the real stuff, you know, with lots of sugar in it) throughout the day from a straw sippy, but it takes her all day to get about 2oz, I don't think that will work with milk. We are going to try another type of sippy for the milk, wish us luck!

She is also developmentally delayed. We are already in physical therapy and speech therapy. We will be making a trip (was already scheduled) to the neurologist to find out exactly what is causing her to be delayed. We were told previously it could be just the prematurity, or more than likely the brain bleed. We will see. She is perfect to us in every way, and we are getting her the help she needs. She is making improvements each day, especially with her fine motor skills. She also is starting to show us that she understands what we say, which is nice!! We are probably going to start some sign language with her to help her communicate her needs to us. I am excited about that! It is easier to get her help now, than for her to suffer when she starts school. Her doctor strongly believes in therapy, and believes it is certainly not going to hurt anything, so we will continue on!

She is such a ham these days. When we put her to sleep (yes, we still rock her to sleep) she shows us all of her tricks before she drifts off, it's so cute. She makes all of her sounds, "pa, fa, ba, mama, dada, ba..." then scrunches her face up, closes her eyes, and smacks her lips (it really is hysterical), and the most recent trick, sticking her tongue out. Who on earth would teach her such a thing??!!

She is our precious miracle, and it is an honor to be little Logan's mom :-)

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