Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It was a PaRtY!!

and these are just the decorations...

yummy cupcakes...

little smash cake...

she's ONE!!

beautiful cake...

Happy Birthday Logan banner...

beautiful flowers...

this hat is adorable, no she wouldn't wear it!!

isn't this bag precious!??!

and this bucket? Don't even get me started...it is so cute, I had to photograph Logan in it!
The bucket picture is here. There are only about 50 more :-)

more party pictures coming!


  1. Gorgeous! I'm getting excited about my baby's 1st party!

  2. I was in pink & green heaven! The party was adorable! Great job, Mom & Dad! I am glad you liked the bucket, I hope you can use it for other things! Obviously, you've already found one great use for it ;-)

  3. I absolutely love your photos! And Logan is so adorable. What a sweet birthday party.

  4. YAY.... I heart pink and green. My girls room is pink and green :)