Saturday, March 27, 2010

time flies...

Everyone always says how time flies once you have a child. Well, I do believe it's true. A lot of my thoughts lately have been about this time last year. I still have a hard time believing Logan is a year old - and not a tiny, fragile, premature infant any longer. The first month of her life seems a like a blur - and I wish I had taken more pictures. Before having a premature baby, I was not at all familiar with preemies, the NICU, etc...It was all new. Now, I feel like I could write a book. It seemed like we were learning something new every day. I can't help but look at pictures of her when she was a baby - I am sure every mom does it, especially a first time mom. This particular picture was taken a year ago today.

The outift was preemie size, and we had it tucked in behind her
the socks are preemie size - they were more like boots :-)

Time does fly...


  1. Time flies so fast. It seems to be even faster with Felicity than it was with Wes. Treasure ever snuggle! She was so tiny, I can say that because I thought my babies were little and they never even came close to wearing newborn socks or preemie outfits, so I can't even imagine how tiny she must have been to be swimming in her little outfit.

  2. Victoria,
    I just came across your blog from another one I follow, and I'm a new follower! Little Logan is adorable! I love her facial expressions(from previous posts:) )
    Looking forward to reading your blog often!

  3. Happy birthday Logan! Having a mandatory crash course in living with a preemie is really tough. I'm sure it's hard to believe that a year has passed. I'm so glad you have had such a precious outcome.