Thursday, March 4, 2010


It is nice to have friends. Some of my friends have kids, some don't. Either way...friendships are a beautiful thing and something to be treasured. There is something about your friends with kids, seems as if there is always something to talk about. With Logan not attending daycare, I think it is important for her still to have social interaction with other kid's.It is really neat to watch her play. I hope Logan grows up having several true friendships. For now...we have fun playdates :-)

Why is it that kids like to play with other kid's toys? We have one of these gyms at home...Logan has never really showed much interest in it. We put it away and recently pulled it out again. Still nothing. She sure does like her friend's play gym though! She also likes to play with puzzles at their house, but won't touch puzzles at home! Crazy girl...

I can tell she has grown in length. I am so anxious to see what she measures at her 12 month (can you believe it, 12 month?) appointment. The jeans that she has on are not that old, and the last time she wore them, they fit. Today, the poor baby's ankles we showing, haha. I can't wait for Spring - Spring dresses are the cutest, and we don't have to worry about high-waters!

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