Monday, March 1, 2010

just when...

Just when I thought we were done with throw up, I was wrong. I went to get Logan up this morning from her crib, surprised with a rather large mess. Apparently, she had thrown up (looks like twice) in her crib during the night. It concerns me that, 1- she didn't wake up, 2-she threw up in her sleep. Took her back to the doctor (upon their request) and they said suggested again, that is was still her little body trying to fight this virus. She has lost a little over a pound in a week, and she really doesn't have the weight to lose. They told me to continue feeding her, and hopefully some would stay down. She puked again tonight. I am over this. Every way I turn, it seems wrong. If I feed her, she pukes. If I don't, she's starving, and still pukes. Also told me to srart feeding her higher calorie foods, to help her maintain/gain weight. She will think she is in Hog Heaven - poor thing is used to organic, whole wheat, unflavored, all natural, no sugar added, (it's really not that bad!). I even bought her some sugar cookies today - ha - I felt like I was doing something so wrong! Maybe tomorrow will be less throw up.

Just when I would be ready to give up, and want to kick and scream from laying on hospital bedrest, looking at the same four walls, not knowing my baby's future condition...something would always come along to inspire. A year ago today, I was laying in the hospital, happy to still be pregnant with Logan. It snowed last year in Atlanta. I love snow. I have never really seen a lot of snow - so anything here is beautiful to me! This was the view from my room. You can hardly see the King & Queen Towers.

Looking at pictures from this time last year - I also have ONE picture of me pregnant while in the hospital, I was about 30 weeks - whew - I'd rather look at pictures of the snow! :-)

Just when you want to give up, don't.

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