Wednesday, September 8, 2010

o, my heart

my heart smiles when I see this...
We went to the park this morning and had a wonderful time with friends. I thought it would be a typical park experience where she mostly stays by me and I help her do things so she can have a good time, but not this morning. This morning I saw my little love have confidence in herself as she tried new things. She went up the stairs the big girl way, not on her hands and knees; she stepped down onto a bouncing bridge, and loved every minute of it; she went down the slide by herself and she enjoyed playing with her friend. These are things Logan has always wanted to do, but wouldn't/couldn't. But today, she did.
I have many more stories/pictures about the park and her friends and just everyday happenings around here, but for now....I am basking in her smile.
She amazes me.


  1. Ahh. Goosebumps!! Hooray for Logan!!!! :)

  2. we always have so much fun with you guys at the park. Yesterday was awesome. I am proud of her and I'm not her mama! I know you are beaming!

  3. That makes me smile too :) Our babies are little miracle babies :) (mine's just a giant preteen boy now!!)