Thursday, September 23, 2010

our beach trip...

We had a wonderful time on our little get away - we couldn't have asked for better weather or location, it was beautiful. We decided to go the day before we left - not ideal for the planning type that I am, whew - but we made it out of the door with everything we needed and on the road we went! The road trip wasn't fantastic, Logan is not exactly a lover of the car. So much so, we stopped half way and broke down and purchased a dvd player for the car, desperate. It helped a little, but we were sure excited to arrive and get out of the car!!! Logan absolutely loved the beach - she was all smiles the minute her feet hit the sand.

We went to the beach and played in the water most of the time! She loved walking on the sand, it was pretty hard so thankfully it was easy for her to walk on. She walked and walked and occasionally would bolt for the water! We found 26 sand dollars on our beach walks.

We planned on leaving at a certain time, hoping for a nap in the car; you know, things never work out the way you plan. Logan was up at 5 in the morning while we were gone, I was able to buy us until 7 by putting her in the bed with us. The morning we left was no different, she was ready to go to the beach the minute she got up. Hum...not with our plan. Anyway, we ended up going to the beach early, the goal was to let her play and get sleepy. After about 30 minutes, we were swinging her, "hopping" the waves, and next thing you know....pop. Yea, the pop was a noise Cody heard and felt as we were swinging her. This little noise and screaming fit landed us checking out earlier than expected and in the local urgent care. A few x-rays later, we were on our way with a diagnosis of a sprain - she should feel better shortly. On the way home, we noticed she wouldn't move her all. So, we stopped at a  pediatric urgent care where they said her elbow was slightly dislocated, and they popped it back into place. It was simple, and she started moving it almost immediately. Apparently, it is a common injury in kids, but of course, it happened to us while out of town!!!! Her little arm is all better, and we are home safe and sound - happy to be sleeping in our own beds! Isn't it funny how wonderful you feel to get away for a few days, but you feel the same excitement to come home! Our beach trip was a success and we are already looking forward to next year!

*I know some of my pictures are cut off - sorry. If I made them smaller you wouldn't be able to really see them! You can click on them to see them bigger!!*


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! One of my sister's shoulder used to dislocate a lot when she was little. Be careful the doctor told us once it comes out it is easier to happen again. She is fine now, but then again no one swings her by her arms any more. ;)

  2. She's beautiful ...and getting so big. My kids have never dislocated anything ..... I'm glad it was easily fixed & that she is well.

    Beautiful pics. Really beautiful.

  3. wall worthy! can't wait to see you guys when we get home.

    Glad Logan is a-ok!

  4. First of all I am so glad she is ok and feeling better. Neither of my kids have had that happen but I have so many friends who have had it happen, they say it is so easy to do.

    The pictures look amazing and she is, of course beautiful!

  5. i'm glad miss logan is ok and feeling better. she's too precious, and i'm glad she loved the beach and soaked it all in. glad you had enjoyable trip!

  6. I love the first ones...the colors are so yummy. Heck..i love em' all!! How are ya doin', friend??

  7. She is absolutely beyond precious and beautiful. Praying for you all today, call me if you need me! Love you all.