Wednesday, September 15, 2010

18 Months

O my, where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was holding Logan while she slept curled up so small on my chest. At 18 months old, I couldn't be any more proud of this little girl. Here are the things she is doing at 18 months!

*Logan only likes to sleep in her crib and sleeps all night long (11-12 hours) most nights. The only time she is up at night is if she doesn't feel well. She takes one nap at day, usually from 1:30-3:30, give or take a few. She sleeps with a "lovey," it is adorable. If we go in her room and it's not there, she calls it, "looooovvvv....eeeee!" She calls it with much authority - haha.

*She still eats (for the most part) a wide variety of foods. She still loves the pouches of fruit/vegetables (by the way...Target now sells them!! But they are expensive there), she still eats some pureed foods (she likes them and it's extra calories), but mostly she is a big meat and bread eater! She loves most all meat!

*She has 5 teeth (3 top, 2 bottom) but is working on cutting another bottom one. She lets me brush her teeth every night!

*Logan wears 6-12 month clothing - it depends on the brand. Carter's brand, a 6 (sometimes 9) fits her great still, but she is wearing the size 6-12 in brand Baby Gap. Yep, she is still small :-) She wears a size 3 shoe.

*Logan IS walking! She started walking on Friday, September 10. Logan has been walking for several months, as long as she was holding your hand. We knew she was able to do it, it was just a matter of time. At her therapy session (I am guessing a different environment, different toys, different person, etc...) she let go and started walking! She has been doing it off and on (mostly on) since then. It makes my heart swell when I see her stand up and take off!

*Logan's vocabulary is rather large, she will repeat anything, but some of the words she knows without being prompted are: Mommy, Daddy, Bobby, Nana, Pa, Papa, Mimi, Nanny, Ted, Bonnie, Jack, Izzy, ball, juice, milk, more, tractor, fish, oatmeal, diaper, bath, no, bed, baby, walk, chair, Elmo. Logan knows many more, I will probably keep adding to this list as I remember more! She says her words very clear and accurate - she has a very cute voice!

*Logan can identify all facial features; eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, hair, and chin. She also makes these noises: cow, horse, sheep, dog, owl, monkey, bear, tiger, snake, firetruck, tractor.

She is getting so big, not necessarily physically big, but she is becoming more mature and her little personality continues to emerge. She is a joy to be around and has a crazy, silly sense of humor! Sometimes I think she is going to be class clown, and others I think she is going to be the observer. Either way, we love her to pieces and can't believe she is 18 months old!


  1. Love, love, love those pictures! You're amazing!
    Happy 18 months Logan!!!

  2. umm adorable!!! i love the pics! i can't believe she's 18 mon! and yayyy(again) for walking!
    i can't believe she's soo small-you can't really tell in the photos. well i can't. mia wears 12 mon-but has a 6-9 mon waist for sure. so pants this winter will be fun. can you say leggings/tights and dresses:)
    logan sure is turning into a little person!!
    *oh yes-i'm having 3 giveaways this week! i've posted 2 already!

  3. Lovely picture.

  4. She is so amazing...such strides for sweet Logan. We love her (and her parents). :)

  5. That is the sweetest picture! I LOVE the car that is such a perfect set up.

    Happy 18 months!!