Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am not sure whether BF stands for best friend, or boy friend in this case. Well, we will stick with best friend!!
Would you check out this cuteness?

Seriously....He feeds her, he holds her sippy cup for her, he holds her hand, he makes her laugh....
I think it is safe to say they like each other :-) They play very well together and have similar personalities.
They both can be very serious and shy, or very silly and outgoing! It is so nice having friends (moms too!) to be able to play with, we certainly enjoy their friendship!


  1. omg, I love that one of her kissing his head. You have not shown me that one. I think my heart grew. I showed him and he smiled SO big and said, "kiss". we enjoy your friendship too.

  2. Super sweet! I love the hay bales set up. I have to do that for Brad for some Fall pics of him. :)

  3. Sorry butting in...... they are just to cute.

  4. Those are freakishly adroable! that one the hay with her kissing his nose. Oh.My.Goodness. That is pure sweetness!