Thursday, August 12, 2010

where o where

Where o where could my little girl be?

Yep - that's a Motrin dispenser in her hand - she toted it around all morning.
more importantly -  where is she?
any guesses?

On a more important note - she is still sick. She slept better last night than the night before, but not great.
However, she woke up with a cough - ick! She is just so congested - I hate it for her. Even more so, I hate that I cannot do more for her. We are suctioning her often, which she loves,...........not. Even being sick, she still had a pretty good morning and managed to get into everything, literally.


  1. awww pooor baby. Hope she starts feeling better soon! it's so hard having a child who is sick.

  2. Aw I hope she feels better soon! {Is she in the dryer?!?}

  3. I'm guessing that she is somewhere that she should not be. :) I hope that she feels better!

  4. is she in the dryer? Can you believe Conner has not done that? I hope she feels better asap!

  5. awww i hope she feels better soon:(