Tuesday, August 3, 2010

all things Logan...

I try and do these post around a "milestone month," you know, like when you go to the doctor and stuff. But we have had a few changes lately, and she deserves a post all about her, now!

I have no idea what she weighs, just that she is still small. Hopefully this will continue to not be a problem, and she will continue to be "just small" as her doctor put it last time we visited. She is totally off bottles/formula and has been for over a month. I must admit, it has been very nice not washing bottles and pouring formula all the time - that stuff stinks, literally! She transitioned very well, she never even acted like she missed the bottles. We sort of stopped cold turkey, she never really knew. Since stopping bottles/formula, I have noticed a slight increase in the amount of table food she eats, which is great! Does she drink enough whole milk to make up for the "lost calories" of formula? No, not at all. She only drinks 2-3 oz. a day of milk. What can I say - I try. If it becomes a problem - well, we will cross that bridge if we come to it. For now, we are enjoying a normal 3 meals a day schedule, and it's great!

She is holding "Hop Hop," the bunny Cody and I made for her!

Logan still isn't walking. I am quite certain that she has the ability to walk, she is just scared. She is very sturdy on her feet, but she will not let go of your hand or walk any distance on her own. She has taken a few steps at different times, but nothing that she got really excited over and just wanted to do again! She will walk when she is ready, and I am fine with that. We always watch her use her right vs. left, etc, to see if she has a specific dominance. She walks better with you holding her left hand. When you hold her right, she side-steps but when you hold her left, she walks fairly normal (still throwing the right leg a bit). It all has to do with the weight shift over her feet. We see PT this week, so we will see if she has any insight. She still prefers to "W-sit," but will immediately fix her legs when we tell her too, so I am hoping it will become less of a habit over time.

She is still pretty consistent on the "Ba" words, but now she is expanding her vocabulary quite a bit. She will repeat anything we tell her to say (kind of fun!) and retains a lot of it. I am very pleased with her language development, and I feel confident that the speech therapist will also be pleased when Logan is evaluated again at 18 months. She is still signing, and we continue to keep introducing new signs to her.

We are down to one nap a day. We are still getting used to the new schedule. Logan doesn't do change very well (neither does her mother) so it has been a little rough, but getting a lot better. She started giving me a really hard time going down in the mornings, but was still so exhausted if she didn't nap. It got to where it was taking me about an hour to get her to sleep (I still rock her). Finally, after a few weeks of pondering what to do, we just decided to stop putting her down in the mornings and move the afternoon nap up a bit. The first week of no morning naps, she was a booger and soooo ready for an afternoon nap. Recently, she has gotten used to staying up longer in the mornings, and is sleeping longer in the afternoons, it really has worked out good.

Are your retina's bleeding yet? Whew, that was a lot of updates!!! Overall, she is doing fantastic!!!!


  1. I LOVE her dress; almost makes me want a girl...I said ALMOST. That cheesy grin makes me laugh. It's precious

    I miss you guys!

  2. i love her dress!! I need something monogrammed for Mia, do you mind if i ask where ya got it??

    love her face in the last picture..hehe.

    go logan! yay for all these milestones!

  3. I loved reading about her. This age is just full of new things :)

    I have a question for you...I noticed your blog is set up to keep others from left clicking on anything. I really, really need this. I've had a few issues lately and I can't find out how to change that. Email me if you have a second at russianhillbilly at peoplepc dot com


  4. That's great that she is doing well!
    Your photos are beautiful! Did you get a gray backdrop or just use a blanket? Do you have a light box or just use natural light? Seriously, girl, your photos are always so beautiful. I just recently found your photography blog. :)

  5. Aw, it's so nice to hear how great she is doing! She is a beautiful gift from God! :)

  6. Awww - I've missed my daily dose of Logan cuteness!!! :)