Sunday, August 29, 2010

long week....

Seems like I have neglected my blog again....whoops. I am going to try and do better - I love looking back and pictures and stories on my blog and having those memories written down somewhere, but last week was pretty busy. Every time I would sit down to blog, something would happen or I was just simply too tired. Logan started with a stomach bug last Tuesday - it landed us at the pediatrician last Thursday and Friday, and in the ER Friday night. Sparing the details, she was feeling a bit better today and tonight seemed a little more like herself. She (so far...) has kept down a biscuit, and a pack of banana/rice today. This is great since nothing has been on her stomach since last Tuesday....thank you, Zofran. I am looking for a better day tomorrow - I hate seeing her sick.

Saturday we had company come into town, they are dear relatives who I love to pieces and wish we could spend more time with each other. Between trying to keep Logan well and having company, we were busy.

I cannot wait for cooler weather here - it has been sooooo hot. It has been too hot to spend much time outside. I am looking forward to Fall and being able to spend more time with Logan outside. I see many park trips in our future!

I have missed blogging, and keeping up with my bloggy friends - I am off to play catch-up!


  1. Ah, so sorry Logan was sick. I've completely neglected blogging too. Busy busy....I can't believe summer is almost over. My kids start school on Thursday. Look forward to your posts!

  2. I've missed you too! :) But I've been MIA myself, so I understand. Sorry your little sweetheart had a flu bug, I hope she gets rid of that quickly. Ohh and I'm sooo with you on the weather, I'm ready for fall - my favorite season :)
    Looking forward to your posts/pics.

  3. glad to 'see' you here. my blog has been neglected too. I'm SO glad she's feeling better. I know it was rough for you. Hopefully, we will see you guys this week.

  4. Aw! I'm glad she's feeling better! I am FINALLY catching up on reading blogs. There were over 600 in my reader! Eek! I'm only reading certain ones of course. :)