Wednesday, August 11, 2010

little darlin'

My poor little darlin' doesn't feel good today. She didn't sleep much last night and was crying most of the night. I took her in to the doctor this morning - her ears look perfect, her throat was great, and we left the doctor with the, "it's a cold," answer. Which I am glad it is nothing worse, but at the same time, if it had been something we could treat, things would be a bit easier. She didn't nap much this afternoon because she gets all stuffed up when she is flat. Elevating her bed does no good because she is a fish, and ends up the wrong way - so we basically are hurting her by doing that. So we loaded her up with Tylenol/Motrin during the day (she has fever) and before bed. I pray she sleeps good tonight, she is so exhausted.

feel better my baby - I want to see this happy face tomorrow!


  1. Oh, she is SO PRECIOUS!!!!!

    I'm really wanting some more editing tutorials and photography tutorials from you, Victoria!! ;)

    Also, do I want/need to ask for Lightroom for Christmas?!

  2. Aw feel better soon Miss Logan! :(

    My little Leah is sick too. I hope they're both back to their happy smiling selves asap! ^_^

  3. Poor thing :( Hope she feels better soon! It's so hard seeing your little one sick

  4. Hope she is feeling better by now!!