Wednesday, July 6, 2011

love this girl...

She is a mess....and a half.
And I love this little mess and her "roar" bunches. 
Some exciting (a little late) news:
We moved! We closed on a new house on May 25th and spent our first night in the new house on June 10. We did a lot of work in the house - and now it is just perfect for our little family :-) We are very excited, but we are all still getting used to our new house!

Logan is sleeping in a big girl bed (pics coming soon). A real, live big girl bed. Sad :-(
Her crib converted into a full size bed and it is just beautiful. We spent a day last week picking out new bedding and a mattress for this big girl, it all came together beautifully. Not only does it look adorable, Logan loves it! We welcomed the changed for a few reasons, but the main reason being; this girl doesn't fit into a toddler bed too well.....and its not all that comfy while laying in the toddler bed for two hours trying to get a little one to sleep :-) Now that we are in a big bed, it is taking much less time for her to go to sleep, and is much more comfy for me :-) We have replaced the rocking chair (sad....again) with me laying with her and rubbing her back, singing to her, etc...I do realize at some point she will not need me to help her to sleep, but right now, she does - and I'm perfect with that. She will probably have to kick me out of her bed, hopefully not for a long time :-) She spent her first night in the big bed on June 29th.

Little miss is growing up and changing a bit too quickly! I wish I could freeze this age just for a little while. She is into everything, and yet - just so much fun right now. She comes up with new "sayings" that I think are just too funny not to write down somewhere! Here are a few recent things she has been saying...
"Mommy its too dark, I can hardly see my skin!"
"I'm not sleepy, only my eyes are..."
"I don't hardly know that one..." (about a song that she knows perfectly well, and didn't want to sing!)
"We're buddies!"
And her first bed-time prayer said all by herself:
"Dear Lord, Thank  you for this day and Mommy, Daddy, and precious baby Logan. In Jesus name we pray, Amen"

She is such a sweet girl with a huge heart, so thankful for her!

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