Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sprinkler fun...

My little water baby loves all things water, in all forms! She likes being in a big pool, little pool, water table, and really loves the sprinkler!

She wants to go outside ALL the time...
and doesn't want to come inside for anything.
look close at the picture...do you see what I see?
Uh huh...she thinks anytime she is outside and around water, she can use the bathroom.
Gross, but kind of funny :-)
She always does it then goes and stands over the sprinkler to "rinse off."
Somebody should watch this child...
needless to say...boots had to be washed.

Yes, she choose this bathing suit, and the boots. I dig it.

I love this picture because it shows her cute birth mark! I have no idea whether it is a birth mark, or just a plain ole' freckle, but I like to call it her birth mark :-) She had it when she arrived....that counts as a birth mark I think!

Miss Personality! We had company arrive to our house right as I took this picture, I guess she was showing out for them????

No caption needed.....thats just adorable :-)

We are loving summer, and enjoying summer evenings in the sprinkler!

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