Thursday, July 7, 2011


This girl just happens to be a regular ole' comedian! She has a crazy sense of humor, and is just hysterical when she gets on a roll!!

This is one of her latest tricks - she talks and sings out of the corner of her mouth. The picture does not do this justice, it is so funny! I can't help but laugh each time she does this!! It is so cute and she mostly sings like this. I have no idea why she does this, but we think it's cute.....sometimes :-)

This is her serious look - she sure gives off quite the look!! She will do this on command (feel like I'm talking about a dog - haha!) and she knows its funny when she does it!!

Oh.....Mr. Armpit! She is fascinated with her armpits! She is very ticklish! Sometimes she takes the handle off her kitchen sink and will be "washing her pits..." Sounds kind of gross typed out...but it's really funny when she does it!

Our little comedian makes us laugh daily :-)

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