Sunday, June 19, 2011

a little bit of everything :-)

Here is a little bit of everything from the last few months :-) I will do a few post like this until I get back to regular blogging!

My girl LOVES getting a pedicure! She asks to go all the time and is quick to tell me when she needs her toenails painted! She sits soo still while they do it. She brags on her toes for a few days after :-)

We had a first "real" boo-boo back a few months ago. O, what a little ham she is! When she fell, she thought about crying and making a big fuss, but then once I showed her the boo-boo on her knee, was so in love with her new boo-boo that pain took a back seat. She now thinks she should have a boo-boo on her at all times. The other day a spot (boo-boo) on her leg was going away (much to her dismay) and she told me she needed a new one - ok honey.

Logan started gymnastic early in February and finished out the year a few weeks ago. She loves gymnastics and you can often times find us playing gymnastics at home! She got a trophy and a metal on her last day, a she sure was proud. Im so proud of her and I was so proud that a lot of her family and friends were able to come see her perform!

This is one of the most recent pictures of Logan, but not one of my favorites - you know, because she is interested in anything BUT having her picture made these days. I do like this picture b/c the whole point of this little session was to show her growth :-) I took pictures of Logan in this exact dress and chair the exact time last year :-) I am hoping the dress doesn't still fit next year!!

Our little girl is growing up much to fast and if I could pause time right now, I think I would. She is so much fun. Some days are challenging, but overall -  this time in her life is wonderful.


  1. She is such a cutie! That's too funny about the boo-boo. :) Brad tells me he needs sauce (antibacterial ointment) and a band-aid whenever he gets a boo-boo. hehe :)

  2. How sweet! She has learned early the simple pleasures in life of being a girl =)