Wednesday, August 8, 2012

catch up....

I will be playing catch up to share a lot of pictures from the past few months! Enjoy them!! 

First up....CAMPING!! Well...sort of. More like a tent on the deck style camping. It worked, she was thrilled, and cannot wait to do it again!! She doesn't understand that sleeping on a hot deck with it 90 degrees outside may not be enjoyable! This evening, it got down in the 50's and it was perfect!! She stayed up late enough to see the stars in the sky and use her flashlight! She made it the entire night, and slept late the next morning!! Mostly, she enjoyed the snacks :-) Whats a camping trip without unhealthy snacks right? 


  1. That is my kind of camping -- being within immediate distance to the luxuries of life like a/c! Great pictures, no surprise there ;)

  2. oh I love this! So much fun.