Friday, May 4, 2012

Just checking in....and catching up!

O...this little love!!!

I could just eat her up! Actually, I do! Most days, we spend all day just basking in her wonderfulness (probably not a word, but you get the point)! 

Each day I wake up to her sweet face, usually stroking my face itching to get up; with a few inserts of "I love you mommy" in there! We start our days early and the minute her feet hit the floor, she's up! When she was little, she would lounge around for a few minutes before getting going, but now - she is up and ready to go! She is starting to eat breakfast a bit more, but she likes to graze! 

Lately, we have been doing "school" for about 30 minutes a day. She loves it and it too smart! Our neighbors are home schooled, so the idea of school is fun to her! We work on letters and numbers now, because she has just about mastered colors and shapes. One of her favorite movies right now is "Letter Factory." She would watch it all the time! 
Speaking of movies, she still is not really into TV. Occasionally, she watching an episode of Mickey. We have introduced her to movies here and there, but just not quite interested yet. However, the one movie she actually sits for a few minutes of is Tangled...what an adorable movie! It is on our tv pretty often! 

Logan still LOVES music and anything to do with music. I wish I knew more so I could really encourage her learning in this area, but I don't. We expose her to a lot of music and she really wants a violin - maybe one day! I truly feel like if she had the right teaching, she could play. She is so musically talented that it's crazy. 

Her favorite activity is gymnastics. 

She is really awesome at it! To have just turned 3, her skill level is awesome! She has an awesome teacher who has done wonders for her in so many ways! I just adore her, and thank her so much for the time she spends with Logan - she makes her feel like a rockstar, even on off days :-)

We tested out soccer this Spring - she wasn't into it! I am still happy we tried, I intend to expose her to a lot of stuff, and let her decide what she wants to do! Just a hunch - she probably won't be a little soccer player :-) She still looked pretty cute in all of her "gear." 

Logan has the biggest heart and an awesome sense of humor. She is a joy to be around - I am so blessed to be her Mommy. 

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