Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So....we are still here and kickin' - just have an ole' neglected blog. Not my intentions, just by the end of the day, exhaustion sets in and blogging no longer seems like a good idea when you are not so sure of what you might say :-) At any rate - here is an update on

The main reason blogging has taking a step back is because I am learning that attempting to run your own business can be rather time consuming! I have learned that I am not super-woman and I cannot work, run the house, keep a happy child, etc... - all while blogging about rainbows and butterflies - when really I am ready to pull my hair-out! In case you didn't know, (some of my bloggy friends have found me!! Thanks!) my love for all things photography has turned into this: Me=excited!! I love, love what I am doing and now that things are in order with my little business, I am finally feeling a bit normal again!! Like I said, I love what I am doing - I love that I still get to be home with my little love, but I am also doing something for myself that I love. Ok - enough of that - so if you are wondering where I have been lately - check out the link above and you will see where I have been!!! Moving on....

Logan is doing FANTASTIC!!!! We have not been to the doctor but ONE time since her last well visit - thats 6 months people, 6 months without taking this child to ANY doctor. amazing. We have truly been blessed. I would love to say she is growing like a weed (haha) but she really isn't!! She is growing everywhere except size! I know she is getting taller because her pants are all way too short, but not so sure about the weight thing - o well. She is happy, and to me - thats all that matters.

She goes from the time she gets up - to the time she closes her eyes at night - most days she is still giving me about a 2 hour nap - whew! She is a busy little girl. She talks all day, non-stop. Sometimes we tease and say she must go to bed with a sore throat because her mouth has run all day!!!

She is building a rather large playlist of songs - most of which she knows ALL the words too - her current favorite is Amazing Grace - yep, thats right - makes this heart swell I tell ya.

Potty training - o yea. We are on day 6 of big girl panties. Actually, they are tiny and still fall off - but they are panties and not a diaper! She has an accident now and then, but usually goes the whole day (except naps/bed) accident free! I am not quite sure she is ready b/c she has yet to tell me when she has to go, she just goes when I tell her too - any advice? Keep it up or wait until she knows when she has to go?

Logan will soon be 2...unreal. It is bittersweet in so many ways. I love the little girl she is turning into, but my baby is slowly not a baby anymore. We will be having a birthday party for her in a few weeks and her theme is none other than, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" simply because that is her favorite in life right now. I wanted to do something that meant something to her, not just something generic - so Brown Bear it is!!! Can't wait to share pics with all of you!!

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