Monday, March 28, 2011

my girl is 2!

Hard to believe - Logan is officially 2 now! She acts so big! She is thrilled to be two and loves to be asked how old she is! I have to write down everything she is doing, so bear with me (and skip to pics if you want!) while I brag on my child for a minute!

At Logan's 2 year well visit, she weighed 20lbs 9oz, and was 30.5inches tall. Yep, she is a peanut! We were just thrilled she reached 20lbs at two! Logan is not a picky eater, she just doesn't eat that much, and what she does eat, she burns off pretty quickly I would imagine! She is a busy, busy little girl.

She is pretty good (sometimes) at playing independently and loves to "cook" and go "grocery shopping!" Actually, she loves any kind of shopping and tells me when she thinks something looks cute. O my! She has a little kitchen and a buggy and most of the time during the day she can be found cooking or shopping. On nice days (loving the spring weather we have been having!) she stands at the window at 8AM and sings for Mr. Sun to come out! Logan is an outside kind of girl and would be out all day if she could! Speaking of singing, I see our future American Idol with Logan!!! Well, maybe not AI, but seriously, she can carry a tune - unlike her mother. She LOVES to sing and to be sung too. She knows MANY songs and usually is singing (very loudly) while playing.

She is walking very well and runs pretty well too. I wouldn't call it running necessarily, but she can get around pretty quickly. She walks with such attitude and just wiggles all around! She is so prissy! She is everything I ever imagined (and more!) she would be! She is a little girl who loves to look "pretty" and is obsessed with jewlery, make-up, baby dolls, etc...but she also can get dirty and play hard! She loves dirt and tractors, and doesn't mind getting dirty one little bit!

She really is quite demanding, and beging barking orders the minute her little feet hit the floor in the morning! She is slowly learning that (believe it or not!!) we run this house, not her!
We love her more than we could ever imagine and are so proud of our little 2 year old!


  1. It's hard to believe how fast they grow! She sounds like such a smart little girl. She really is beautiful.

  2. Happy birthday and thanks for sharing your life as a mom with us. YOU are blessed!