Sunday, October 24, 2010


First haircut....

it went great!
I really didn't want to cut her all.
But - it needed it. The back was getting a little nest like.
The front of Logans hair is straight, but the back is curly -
she was beginning to look like we never brushed her hair,
so we decided it was time!

it was painless
and Logan didn't move a muscle - even though she hates for me to touch her hair,
she sat like an angel the entire time and let Ms. Nicole cut her hair.

She just took enough off to shape it up some, you can't even tell it's been cut
but it looks soo much better!

My baby is getting so big...:-)


  1. awwww how precious! that's amazing she sat so still. i think i'd cry if i had to get mia a hair cut anytime grown upish!

  2. Ooooh She looks so tiny in that big chair! Felicity is still sporting a girly mulet and won't be needing a hair cut for awhile. :)

  3. What a big girl! Gosh, I haven't gotten Leah's hair cut yet. Maybe I need to get on

  4. Ah..she really is getting so big. I love that last one, though. She looks so little in that big chair!

  5. She is getting SO big!! Another first :) They pass so, so quickly.