Sunday, February 26, 2012

Catch up...

O my...I am so far behind on's sad. Being an all the time mom, and playing the role of photographer leaves me with little time on Life with Little Logan. However, I find myself saying ALL the time, oh my goodness, I have to write this down - I never want to forget how wonderful she is at this age. So...with the few extra minutes this morning...we get to play catch up!

(pictures from a cupcake making, apron wearing adventure...somehow we didn't end up with 24 cupcakes...)

Logan is really soo well behaved! We couldn't be more proud! She has wonderful manners, uses them appropriately  and is always sweet. Of course she is two, and has two year old moments, but over all she is just wonderful! 

Her vocabulary is soooo large. It scares me to think is she speaks so well at 2, what on earth are we going to do with her at 5!! She speaks in complete, full sentences - usually with a large vocabulary word that makes you turn your head to see..."did she really just say that?" She uses words appropriately, and thinks its great when somebody says..."what did she just say.." she just laughs!

She is wise beyond her years, and very mature. In a way this is very nice, but in other ways I want her to stay little forever :-)
3 is going to be.....hard (for me!).

Logan can sing so beautifully. Everyone who hears her is amazed at how well she stays on key, etc..her ability to sing is just precious. I could listen to her all day! Her favorite songs are hymns, and prefers them over kid songs! She knows all the verses to most songs, and can pick up the words of songs within about 3 times of hearing it. She doesn't hesitate for a second standing up in front of our little church and singing her heart out. It is precious. 

Our sleeping arrangement....? Well, Logan likes a bed partner...and she usually gets it. Healthy? Im not so sure, but I do know that waking up to her sweet face every morning is priceless - and she won't want me to sleep with her forever, so for right now - I don't mind :-) 

We love this little girl! 


  1. thats my precious girl. papa loves her!

  2. My mom says i use big vocab. too i don't know why but i just use it alout. Usally when im trying to perform i get a little shy but i tell myself if you want to be a star then you start by doing it in front of friends and family and then i think about well i get up on stage in front of thousands of people. So i can do it because i done it since ive been 4 and now im 10.

  3. Logan, Victoria, and Cody are all awesome! This blog captures priceless memories.