Friday, August 12, 2011

just a few...

Just a few things about my girl....

shes beautiful..
even though I never thought possible, I love her more each day.
Enough with the mushy though...

Yep, she still loves her thumb (Mr. Thumbkins) and is a total ham.
She is really into "writing" these days, but prefers a pen and a book. A book that does not need little pen marks on it is her favorite. She has an entire notebook full of blank paper just for her; but nope, she prefers my calender :-) Crayons are not really her thing, but she is getting more into markers. And scissors...Oh My - I really sense a little hair snipping before long. She always says, "only cut paper?" And today she says, "only cut paper? Not my fingernails?", please do not cut your fingernails with scissors sweetie, or anything else on your body.

This girl is completely potty trained!! WhooHoo - no more diapers!!! She has been daytime potty trained since about 22 months, but just in the past few weeks has she started to wake up dry, so I figured it was time. And so far, no accidents!! Go Logan!

Her little (big) personality just keeps coming, and I am soo happy with that! She comes up with something new everyday. Her latest thing is hysterical (we think - haha)! Anytime you ask her something, she responds politely with, "Um, yes I do." Me: "Logan, do you need to use the potty?" "Um, no I do not." Logan, do you want cookies, "um, yes I do." haha - she says it so serious too, and about 500 times a day I hear either "yes I do," or "no I do not." What a hoot :-)


  1. Such a sweet post. I just love her!

  2. She is adorable!!
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