Wednesday, May 11, 2011

egg hunting...

My girl didn't just have her first egg hunt this year - she had her first 3! What is it about these kiddos and picking up so quickly about "what to do..." with these eggs, this basket, etc...It took Logan NO time to figure out that these little plastic eggs had treats in them and she had to find them and put them in her bucket...crazy. She did the same at Halloween - after the first house, she had "trick-or-treat" down pat! Here she is with her Daddy and her very first Easter egg hunt (first b/c we didn't do one last year..whoops!) pondering just what to do! The second she is wearing her Easter dress! She looked so beautiful! The rest of my Easter pictures are on my memory card.....yep. They will come too at some point :-)


  1. Beautiful. These might be two of the cutest pics I've ever seen of her. Love!

  2. These pictures are adorable, thanks for sharing.

  3. I love those easter pictures I really love her white dress