Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm so thankful for this little love....

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sorry it has been a while - 2 weeks since I blogged last? Whoops...I wont let it happen again. Well, I might. :-) Logan is SO into everything - time seems to escape me. By the time the evenings roll around, I am exhausted from the day and blogging seems last on the list, even though I miss it.

Logan walks everywhere and I cannot keep up with her vocabulary. It is huge and she remembers everything. She talks all day and has started putting words together; her favorite, "Mommy more cookie please..." She gets the cookies down pat. She has been getting cookies because she has been using the potty like a big girl!! She uses the potty 2-3 times a day. I am not sure she knows when she has to go yet, but she goes when I put her on the potty. I am thrilled with this new stage and hope it sticks!!

She is so expressive and has soooo many faces, most of them silly. She is a character!

We are considering putting Logan in a Moms Morning Out program starting the new year. It is one day a week for three hours. I think she would enjoy being around other kids and it would be a break for the both of us. Logan's separation anxiety is not going away. I thought it was supposed to be just a stage?!!?? This stage for her has lasted quite some time. Sunday School isn't going well, neither is bed time, etc. She does not like for me to be out of her sight. I am not really looking forward to "school," (if we do it) but I think it would benefit us both.

We went to the doctor for a cold the other day - she weighs 19lbs!! She is my little peanut! I still take tons of pictures of her - lets just say she has a rather large scrapbook! Well - it is a digital one, but it's many pages! I wish I had time to actually scrapbook.

Her favorite food is spaghetti, or in her words, "depity." When you ask her what is in her tummy, she promptly lifts her shirt points to her belly and says, "depity!" It is her favorite and the only thing she eats a substantial amount of. I started giving her chocolate milk, it seems to be another favorite!  

better blogging coming soon...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

trick or treat

Little Elmo went trick or treating on Halloween night! We had our family and a few friends over to watch her trick or treat. When we put on her outfit and she had her "grand appearance," she was so thrilled with herself. She kept going into the bathroom and coming out again for her grand re-appearance - lol! We had quite a few participants in our neighborhood but we didn't stop at them all. She was so excited and seemed to understand the concept the more we went. We would carry her bucket until we walked up a driveway and she had to carry her own bucket! She carried it on her arm like a purse - silly girl! When we got home, she poured all of her candy out and examined it all. It was a great night and she had so much fun!!

I hope everyone had a good Halloween!!