Wednesday, November 3, 2010

trick or treat

Little Elmo went trick or treating on Halloween night! We had our family and a few friends over to watch her trick or treat. When we put on her outfit and she had her "grand appearance," she was so thrilled with herself. She kept going into the bathroom and coming out again for her grand re-appearance - lol! We had quite a few participants in our neighborhood but we didn't stop at them all. She was so excited and seemed to understand the concept the more we went. We would carry her bucket until we walked up a driveway and she had to carry her own bucket! She carried it on her arm like a purse - silly girl! When we got home, she poured all of her candy out and examined it all. It was a great night and she had so much fun!!

I hope everyone had a good Halloween!!


  1. She looked adorable! By the way you look great!

  2. What a precious little girl! You have a beautiful family!

  3. She is so precious. Love that tutu! :).

  4. Just a quick stop in to see how you've been and what's that?? Is she W sitting??? ;-)
    Thought that was funny.

    Very cute costume BTW